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Antique Tour is an experienced company specialized in premium tours and V.I.P. transportation between the cities of Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy with cars from the decade of 1920th. 

In the early 1985 our company began with “wedding services” and after that and with all the experience needed we expanded our business including this time special rides for special occasion like birthdays, videos and golden weddings.  After a long dream and planning, the 2nd of July of 2014 a whole new service was released to the public, but this is not an other service released by a company, this new service is unique in our country, because we are the only company that provides this service and also one of the most exclusives services that a person can afford of enjoy. 

Our fleet consists of two vehicles Ford Model "A" Phaeton convertible 4-door 1928 and 1929, in excellent working condition, restoration and originality. We invite you to feel Tucuman in a different way and exclusively, visiting its main attractions and majestic landscapes in an antique car. The tour includes a "travel kit", that ensures an unforgettable experience


About the Ford A

The 20th of October 1927 it began the production of the Ford Model "A" but its marketing began on December the 2nd of that year. 
Until February the 4th 1929, Ford had already sold 1 million Model "A”, on July 24th 1929 2 million at a rate of 3,339 daily sales. 
Its production lasted until 1931 totaling 4,849,340 units produced.
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  • Creo en este producto porque lo disfruté intensamente y pude ver los paisajes tucumanos desde otro lugar. El servicio es realmente premium y creo que será una experiencia inolvidable para el turista.
    Ricardo Escalante, actor
  • Para AC Contenidos es un privilegio no sólo por lo que implica una nueva marca en el mercado local, sino por la innovación del servicio que prestará.
    Cristian Argañaraz, director de AC Contenidos

Our City: Tucuman

Tucumán Argentina is a state located in the Northwest of Argentina, also forming part of the Argentine Greater North Region. 

It limits the north with the state of Salta to the east and south with Santiago del Estero and Catamarca west and south. Its capital is the city of San Miguel de Tucumán. It was the scenario of the Congress of Tucumán between the years of1816 and 1820  where it was also declared the independence of Argentina from the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata to Spain on July 9, 1816.